Getting started

First reconsider the use of YourBookManager, we are professionals, and we ask a fee for our work. We will deliver and guarantee work of outstanding quality.


All:  We want to solve a conflict. It is not possible to reach a solution with arguments. Bellevarde philosophy is an universal key for problems that can not be solved with arguments. Because abstracting all conflicts, by decomposing, is part of achieving spirituality, you can match different views and believes.

Private persons: We are succesfull and want to share our views with our family and other close relations. With a family philosophy we want to support spirituality in our family. It is difficult to realize, where to start and how to communicate. It is our opinion that sharing our views will bring our lives to a higher level.

Companies: We want to communicate our mission. It seems difficult to really get it accepted. It is considered as an open door, nothing more. We want to change al this and give it a place in life. A way of living being a member of our company.

Foundations: We are looking how we can support people with our money. It is cheap to give money, in a way we are paying for our good feeling. How can we change this, that giving money is more than just money.

Governmental services: We are considered opportunistic, there is no truly ideaology. We want to introduce spirituality in our missions. People should develop warmth within our missons. How can we reach this ?



Life is a divine gift, especially for handycapped in Central Africa.


Remember there is a problem for every solution.

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