Terms and conditions
  • Client and YourBookManager will do their best to avoid conflicts
  • Client has to prove its right
  • After first payment, YourBookManager will deliver conform agreement / planning
  • If client is not satisfied with quality, eventually a mediator can be nominated, on both costs equally, with a maximum of 15% of (first)payment. In case of everlasting conflict YourBookManager will refund with a maximum of 40% of payment. After 1 year, starting from notice of client about being not satisfied, mediation and refunds are not possible anymore
  • If client doesn't make final payment, there will be a registration of bad paying behaviour, as well action will be taken. YourBookManager stops directly every service
  • YourBookManager is subject to Dutch jurisdiction, so will be the agreements with YourBookManager
  • YourBookManager is obliged to deliver conform agreement and planning


Life is a divine gift, especially for handycapped in Central Africa.


Remember there is a problem for every solution.

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