Your message

How does it look like your message statement ? It depends on the client: a private person looking for a family philosophy, or solving a conflict differs from a company looking for spiritual company values. It can differ from a leaflet to a book of thirty pages.

First we have to decompose your views / values into its base elements. That means into materials and ideas, our universal concept (Bellevarde). This takes some time, we have to think and to rethink. We are looking for a base from which we can rebuilt your views / message without leaving your original insights and with enough depth to get spiritual grounds. The result is that you keep your values, additional based on spirituality. Your values have created its own values. You have created your own Zen ! For the decomposing part, we have made the trip of Robert Pirsig for you. 

Depending on a lot of factors normaly speaking we have a couple of weblog / e-mail contact moments. You will give us your views, values and knowledge, and we will ask you questions. You have time to think about these questions till next weblog / e-mail contact. There where no answers are given, we will give the answers. It will take up to three months(for a leaflet or thirty pages book, its the same). It is good to remind, that there is no room for truth or arguments, we use only logic for communication purpose. 



Life is a divine gift, especially for handycapped in Central Africa.


Remember there is a problem for every solution.

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