The concept

Bellevarde philosophy


The most fundamental drive is: nothing wants to be aware of its own existance, though it doesn't exist. In the beginning there was no time and no space, so it is obvious that once it should happen. To reach this, a world of ideas is created as well a material world (we call it creation).

Next step, materials are idealized and ideas are materialized (for this we need life).

Last step, there where they come together, materials create its own materials and ideas its own ideas. For this we need interaction and interpretation (we call it psychology), the result are feelings, or awareness if you like. Nothing has created its own nothing.

The system we need for this whole process is called "existentialism". All systems have an urge of awareness of its own existence. Remember, because in the beginning there is no time and space, it is obvious, that once that urge of awareness will develop. If not, you will never know. Call it luck or unavoidable necessity if you like.



Life is a divine gift, especially for handycapped in Central Africa.


Remember there is a problem for every solution.

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